Not only was LA our final encapsulating vignette of California, the Joie-De-Vivre-owned, all-white, high-rise Hotel Angeleno also served as our haven of peace, smack in the middle of ultra-residential Beverly Hills.

We checked in on Sunday night, the elevator hauling us up to the eleventh floor, where our mini-palace awaited—white curtains fluttering out to the balcony and a complimentary bottle of white wine perched on the desk.

Our beige-and-black bathroom, including the glass-walled shower, was tiled from floor to ceiling. Fifteen people could easily have fit inside that one room alone. A bathrobe hung on the wall; there was also a pool downstairs. I started to get an idea…

That night, we visited the penthouse restaurant West, which offered pretty much the same view as the one from our room, except six floors higher. Our delicious dinner consisted of fettuccine with scallops, halibut with cous cous and ramps, and a full bottle of wine. After which, we ran down to the room, grabbed our bathrobes, and made a beeline for…

…the pool! Though I didn’t manage to take pictures that night, here is a shot sourced from their website. By 10:45pm, we had an entire pool to ourselves. The fireplace flickered in the corner, cars zoomed by on Highway 405, and we just floated for a while under the (relatively) clear night sky.

Guests generally appeared far and few between, though a manager informed us the hotel was almost fully booked. Once in a while, a family would stroll out of the elevator, or a poolside business meeting would be taking place, but that was about it. Coming from our previous hotel in bustling West Hollywood, the silence was a major blessing.

On Monday, we asked to stay an extra night. And on Tuesday, after we had extended our stay for the second time, we were ready to move in! But it was finally time to leave Los Angeles—and the entire state of California—behind.

The Hotel Angeleno left me with nothing to complain about. Without a doubt, I would recommend this place to anyone visiting LA. And if they happened to fly me out and book me an extra room here, I certainly wouldn’t complain about that either.

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